Module stand:

The module stand serves universal, casual and complicated industrial tasks. The disc steel tube stand has a 50 cm diameter disc, with a max. 8 elements can be connected. This façade stand is a system of clear elements, and the loose connection guarantees excellent security at the stage of construction. It is also beneficial for the user to ensure the scalability of facade scaffolding and the rigidity of the steel scaffolding, as work levels do not have to be spun, but it is possible to work on the required work levels. The module can be scaffolded up to a height of 40 m without any special design, and the static design of the construction stand is required above. As required, the module stand can reach up to 80-100 m construction height.

Modular stands

Framed rack:

The frame rack is simple to install and quick to mount, while the facade racking structures sliding together without screwing. The stiffening of the construction stand is provided with walk-in floors, fixed barriers, diagonals attached to the U-profile of the steel frame frame. It is possible to scaffold up to 24 m in height on the frame facade rack without any special design, and the construction stand requires a unique static design.

Frame racks

Hot dip galvanizing:

For the protection of steel products against corrosion, the use of hot dip galvanizing is a widespread, largest user of construction, especially lightweight building blocks and construction scaffolding. Its role is gradually being expanded in agriculture, transmission line construction, telecommunications, and residential demand. Despite the polluted urban air, the life of the galvanized structures reaches 15 to 20 years, while in the countryside life expectancy may range from 30 to 40 years.

Hot dip galvanizing