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Module facade scaffolding

Item number: Modul homlokzati állvány
The module rack serves to supply a universal, ordinary and complex industrial problems.
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The module stand serves universal, casual and complicated industrial tasks. The disc steel tube stand has a 50 cm diameter disc, with a max. 8 elements can be connected. This façade stand is a system of clear elements, and the loose connection guarantees excellent security at the stage of construction. It is also beneficial for the user to ensure the scalability of facade scaffolding and the stiffness of the steel scaffolding, as work levels do not have to be spun, yet it is possible to work on the required work levels.
The module can be scaffolded up to a height of 40 m without any special design, and the static design of the construction stand is required above. As required, the module stand can reach up to 80-100 m construction height.
The module with stand structure makes it easy and quick to form a complex rack system, and a temporary mounting stand, is also used for temporary stage construction.
The workbench can be mounted on staircases up to 50 cm per step, with a width of 73 cm, which can be expanded with a 36 cm console. The stand is longitudinally horizontal, and diagonally tubular crossways are rigid.
keretes homlokzati állvány
  1. Foot Screw
  2. With a paddle dial
  3. Pipe holder
  4. U-cross-linking
  5. Horizontal link
  6. Vertical diagonal tube
  7. Door tiles
  8. Tile
  9. Walking ladder
  10. Console
  11. Ankle board
The internal column of the module stand can be adjusted up to 52 cm from the wall. The inner edge of the walking levels can be up to 30 cm from the wall. The frame rack can be built with 36 cm internal and (or) external brackets. The 73cm outstretched bracket can only be built on the exterior and facade racks per floor on only one level.
The module stand should be constructed so that it is sufficiently robust and stable and at the same time it must meet the safety regulations. The load capacity requirements in general are MSZ 13010/4 "Building Stand. General Designing Scenarios ".
The module façade stand has an ÉMI ATB Approved Certification.
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